Tips to Promote Your eCommerce Business through Digital Marketing

Getting the most out of your marketing efforts and budget is really important which most e-commerce is considering when it comes to digital marketing. Some of the things that suggest poor digital marketing are poor sales, very low ranking, clicks that do not have conversions, struggling social media promotions.

Even the best marketing strategies can fail. Or maybe there is no strategy at all.

And to help you triumph over these marketing struggles, here are some of the tips you can use to step your game up against your competitors.

  • Ask About The Sale

If you’ve ever made a face-to-face sale, one of the most important lessons is to ask about the sale. They can give you amazing warm-ups, presentations, and solid finishes. But if you don’t ask about the sale, you won’t get anything.

Some shoppers get confused during the checkout process because the “Buy Now” button is sometimes crowded by several links that ask questions and point you in the direction of leaving the sale. Hence, the first rule of digital marketing should be applied which is the less-is-more approach.

  • Utilize All Social Media Sites For Additional Sales

Social media has become a powerful tool and virtual space where platforms are not only used for social networks, they are also a great way to digitally promote your brand or product.

Social media performance is exceptional because it can reach large numbers of people within seconds of the ad’s publication, reduce costs, and reach potential audiences through these social media ads.

You may consider these sites for your e-commerce marketing as these sites are already found effective in terms of reaching the audience (possible buyers) and may increase sales:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

Maintaining brand identity on multiple platforms can seem daunting to first-time users of social media, but when done properly, it can be a very powerful tool for digital e-commerce marketing. It is an area that requires a lot of thought and creativity. Creating branded content should not only be consistent and original, but also genuine and authentic. If you’re serious about adding social media to your digital e-commerce marketing strategy, keep track of things, interact with your audience, and have fun as planned.

  • Using of Email Campaign in a Correct Way

Email marketing is the process of sending a commercial message via email, usually to a group of people. In the broadest sense, any email sent to a prospect or current customer can be considered email marketing. This includes using email to send ads, solicit transactions, solicit sales and donations.

Though it may sound like an easy tool for marketing, it is also a critical one that needs proper optimization to be effective, and here are some of the factors you should consider in terms of email marketing: 

  1. Welcome Emails
    Welcome Emails are really vital as it is something that will initially build trust between you and your new customers. See to it as a foundation for a better relationship between you and buyers.
  2. Helpful and important information
    In marketing, this is leadership development. Maintaining interest in your prospects without overwhelming them with sales offers can help you build credibility. By providing useful and interesting content, your brand will surely stand out and become memorable.
  3. Coupons and Discounts
    It is without a doubt that all shoppers love discounts and great deals. And these discounts can be included in emails that will be sent as part of email marketing.
  4. Requesting for Feedback
    Email surveys are a powerful way to learn more about your customers and your company. Do not perform this step lightly and ensure to use best practices before requesting for feedback. The knowledge gained is valuable.
  5. Wishlist Alerts
    The customer’s wish list is an undeveloped gold mine. Get them interested in alerts, price cuts, birthday wishes, and out-of-stock notifications. It will surely be direct access to the ideas of your customers who can make money right away.

With the help of a great marketing agency, they will be setting up personalized email templates that will have your business’ trademark that will make sure that your e-commerce business marketing strategy will be successful in the eyes of your customers. Innovations are inevitable and an important factor in digital marketing to secure good results. With digital marketing agencies, tips and techniques are being provided to e-commerce companies to increase their engagement and sales through the help of emails that are perfectly set up for audiences.

The secret is not to focus on trends and stick to key best practices when looking for e-commerce email, social, and digital marketing tips. Great product, content, pricing, and user experience in a digital marketing environment, regardless of what medium you use. Email is great, but text messaging and many other activities are also great.

  • User-Generated Content Product Reviews 

User-Generated Content is defined by any form of content such as text, posts, images, videos, etc, that is created by certain users (not brands) and is published online or on social media sites.

Indeed, customer feedback is more reliable than other advertising methods. And adding customer reviews to your product listings can help generate an immediate boost in terms of sales. If you want to make your customer journey and communication more credible and effective, first get more UGC from your customers and reduce your words about the company’s splendor.

There are certain companies that help collect UGC for marketing purposes for you to save time, but ensure that you get the UGC reviews from the correct influencers. There are great blogs that share influencer marketing scams and how to avoid them.

  • Personalized Marketing Strategies for Distinctive Customer Experience

With so many marketing tips inside the online world and a world that is being controlled by e-commerce technology, it is relevant to choose the best tip that you should be implementing for your marketing strategy. You should aim to show your buyers why your brand is unique and must be chosen among the other competitors and why they should become your loyal customers.


The online shop can serve customers by name while surfing and offer related products, coupons, and upsells at the time of purchase. After these customers’ purchases, you can stay in touch by sending birthday greetings, requesting feedback, giving special discounts,  promoting new items, and keeping them up all year long.

In the future, stores that don’t make shopping a personal experience will be as outdated as stores that don’t offer mobile-enabled websites. This is the best strategy for the digital marketing of e-commerce sites.

Save Time and Resources with the Help of Freedom Media Group

Having a team that helps you with the implementation of these tips is helpful. That is why Freedom Media Group is here to help you with the correct strategies that can help you out with your e-commerce business and to ensure that this strategy will be successful and that you will be getting the most of what you will be paying for digital marketing.

Most e-commerce companies find the sophistication of digital marketing complicated and tedious. You need a well-experienced team that puts together the tools and strategies to make everything work. If you need marketing support, or if you need more support, please contact us.