Drive Qualified Traffic With An Organic SEO Agency

We are an organic search engine optimization (SEO) agency that deploys proven SEO techniques and strategies that have helped many brands claim the top position on search engine results pages for competitive, high-volume industry keywords. Our SEO works — we know how to drive qualified traffic and keep your CAC low in the long term.

SEO Content that Breaks Through Competition Noise

We know what it takes to break through the digital noise and drive organic traffic.

Our process leverages AI tools to put the spotlight on your brand and drive organic traffic of high-value customers. After a comprehensive SEO audit and competitive analysis, we’ll craft an SEO strategy that connects your business objectives with your content to optimize every level of your sales funnel.

Find Your Organic Digital Marketing Niche

We know how much your brand means to you.

SEO has become about so much more than keyword counts or backlinks. It’s about producing high-quality content designed for strategic search engine rankings, provides value, and tells your story. Our SEO experts will identify niche and industry specific opportunities to improve your organic search result rankings, visibility, and traffic volume from multiple sources. We have the rankings to prove it.

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Build a Solid Foundation for Long Term Organic Website Traffic

Sustainable, long-term growth is fueled by organic traffic.

As an organic SEO agency, we believe robust SEO is the most cost-effective and efficient way to gain traction early in the game and builds on itself over time. We will develop strategies that will create a solid foundation for your brand to consistently rank high and increase the volume of leads in your sales funnel. The investment that organic SEO services makes in your brand is personal and designed to have a growing (compounding, increasing) impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Over 90% of web experiences start on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. At Freedom Media, we understand that the first interaction between your brand and potential customers will likely occur through a search engine. Building a solid foundation in SEO and investing in it can lead to explosive growth. This initial interaction on a search engine also means exposure to a high-intent audience — these are people who specifically seek an answer, and it’s important that your brand provides an answer to their question.

Unlike other marketing channels, SEO does not require any significant upfront investment — and the benefits, if done correctly, are substantial for your business. Freedom Media has worked with many companies that have achieved YOY growth by strictly executing organic SEO.

Freedom Media provides end-to-end SEO services. These services include technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and more. Our experts create strong frameworks that lead to higher organic traffic, first-page keyword ranking, and more conversions. We know the true value of a high-intent audience — and our strategies ensure that your brand’s first interaction with the audience is as memorable as possible and leads to tangible results.