Unlock Customer Communication with SMS Marketing Services

Reach your customers through the most direct and personal line of communication with highly customized mobile experiences.

Don’t Send Texts and Get Left on “Read

Craft messages guaranteed to reach your customers on their mobile phones.

Research shows 98% of text messages are read within the first three minutes, making SMS engagement the highest across marketing channels. We craft SMS marketing campaigns that leverage the direct connection to the customers, and build trust and loyalty with your audience, one text at a time.

Complement Your Email Strategy with SMS

Seamlessly integrate SMS marketing into your holistic communication strategy.

Our communication strategies are not siloed into separate email and SMS tactics; we craft integrated campaigns that use SMS to compliment your existing email structure, so that your current customers and potential customers are receiving a cohesive, end-to-end brand experience across multiple channels.

Our SMS Marketing Services and Tactics:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SMS marketing is a powerful channel for customers who are stuck in the consideration phase. Launching a SMS marketing strategy with Freedom Media will allow you to easily communicate with prospects at critical moments in their purchase journey with just the click of a button.

Similar to email, SMS marketing plays a special role in building trust and loyalty between your brand and its customers. SMS marketing is adaptable for any company size to industry – from eCommerce to SaaS and even healthcare. Use SMS marketing platforms to reach customers at the right time.

Our team of SMS marketing experts is dedicated to unlocking growth for our clients. The team moves quickly and swiftly to identify growth opportunities, launch experiments, and achieve substantial results using our rapid experimentation framework.

SMS marketing faces challenges similar to other channels, but probably the biggest hurdle is regulation. Ultimately, gaining access to a user’s phone number is sensitive information, and without proper implementation, your business can be penalized. Our experts at Freedom Media truly understand this channel and ensure we can implement it correctly. Our SMS marketing services also include a highly concise and personalized messaging structure that will get users intrigued.