Paid Media’s Difficulties in Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketers meet the same challenges as other types of marketers. This is usually in relation to keywords, which are either extremely expensive or extremely difficult to rank for. However, even when only focusing on paid search, there are several factors that distinguish healthcare marketing.

In order rto have a successful paid search to help with your healthcare business’ growth, may it be a drug, clinic, dispensary, home healthcare services, it is very crucial to have a deep knowledge about the difficulties that you may meet along the way, most especially working with Google.

Language Restrictions and Sensitive Information

While privacy laws like HIPAA make medical information very sensitive, healthcare marketing is restricted in that Google uses its own confidential language and, if detected, advertising May be automatically disapproved. The use of keywords such as “drug” or “prescriptions” or certain drug brand names may automatically disqualify your ad.

Ads promising a cure, like financial ads promising returns, are not permitted. As a result, healthcare marketers must be astute, creative, and adaptable when developing campaigns.


Health-related searches account for approximately 7% of all Google searches, equating to approximately 1 billion health-related questions per day. This just goes to show how competitive the field of healthcare is in paid search, and Google is well aware of this, as it continues to improve the SERPs so that ads appear when they are most relevant.

There is a lot of competition, whether it’s from consumers concerned about their symptoms, a family member looking for a local home health aide for a loved one, or buyers at hospitals looking for equipment and supplies. Keywords can be very expensive, so marketers must concentrate on the long tail.

Retargeting and Remarketing Are Not Permitted

This is most likely one of the most significant challenges confronting healthcare marketers today. Google recently changed its policies to make remarketing tactics prohibited for healthcare marketers. This is typically one of the most effective ways to keep leads engaged during a longer sales cycle, which healthcare services typically have (with the exception of emergency care).


Despite these obstacles, it is still critical for healthcare professionals to use paid search to gain exposure and grow their business.

Work with an agency that has an established relationship with Google and other platforms to ensure that your ads run properly and that you have more control over your marketing spend. Freedom Media Group has the authority to reactivate advertisements, which healthcare organizations may find difficult to do on their own.