Learning the Relevance of Putting Video Testimonials on Your Landing Page

The voice of the video is a great way for potential customers to see and hear what your current customers have to say about your business. According to a survey conducted by Invisia, 90% of online shoppers believe that video content can help them make purchase decisions. Watch the video introductory notice that prospects are involved in the same challenges that plague existing customers and are a brand that helps you overcome what obstacles they can overcome.

The introductory text in the video captures emotions and credibility better than any other form of media. Trust reports that 59% of business executives prefer to watch a video rather than read the same content, given their choice of written or video content.

Based on these findings, it’s clear that the voice in the video works. If you’re bothering and wondering why your landing page doesn’t seem to get the conversions you expect, the voice of the video may be the missing part of your conversion puzzle.

Advantages of Using Video Testimonials on Landing Pages

According to a survey conducted by Vidyard, 41% of marketers use customer videos in their digital marketing strategies, and 57% use videos on their website landing pages.

Here are some of the main reasons digital marketers choose to add customer voice videos to their landing pages:

  • It helps in boosting conversions.

If you need the best landing page for your business, one way is to introduce a video introductory text. According to the data, adding customer testimonial videos to the landing page will increase conversions. According to Vocal Video, using introductory videos in marketing campaigns increased conversion rates by 50% for 89% of companies. On the other hand, Forbes reports that including video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by as much as 80%.

Of course, you need to invest your time and resources to create a video voice created with the optimization of landing page conversion in mind. And how do you get the voice of the video from your customers? You can browse or use professional video voice services that provide high-quality customer voice videos. These professionals can answer all your video voice questions and use them to create the best landing page for your business.

  • It helps in reinforcing credibility and adding of personal touch.

The best landing pages include introductory text to build trust in your business. Only satisfied customers will admire the product or service. By demonstrating the effectiveness of your offering and the resulting customer satisfaction, you understand that your business is worth the investment.

Take note: People connect with people. And customer video is a form of word-of-mouth marketing and one of the most effective marketing strategies in the world. Those who share a direct experience with the product build trust and create emotional connections. This connection can turn prospects into customers and even brand ambassadors.

  • It’s a great help for SEO.

Using of video testimonials is done simply because search engines love videos. 

Your business needs to be ranked at the top of search engine results to remain relevant in today’s situation. Search engine optimization (SEO) and reputation management can now help your business.

Based on a study conducted by Forrester Research, video content is 50 times more likely to win organic page rankings on Google. In short, you’re providing search engines with what they need by including best practices on the landing page of the video introductory text. Before you know it, your website is heading towards the top search rankings.

The idea of ​​SEO can be daunting, especially for those new to digital marketing. If you don’t know how to optimize your customer video, leave it to the experts. As part of a wide range of conversion-driven initiatives, landing page optimization services are aimed at converting page visits into sales. They know how to create a great landing page with the voice of a video.

  • It helps generate leads.

Video introductory texts can be used at multiple stages in the purchasing process, making them a versatile tool for potential customer generation. TrustRadius reported that customer feedback is “more authentic” and “unbiased”, which makes it more effective than other lead generation methods.

Lead generation is considered a highly technical process. Yet, digital marketing experts can help build a great landing page that can guarantee an increase in the generation of leads.

Wrap up:

Using video testimonials on the landing pages is a sure way to help boost conversion rates and give a positive impression on your page.

These video testimonials are adaptive digital marketing tools that create solid trust among your audience. By leveraging video testimony best practices, you can strengthen your lead generation strategy and have the right conversations.

If you are looking for a marketing partner to have this done on your landing page, do not hesitate to contact us so we can assist you better.