How to Create Compelling SMS Marketing Content That Converts

Still thinking of ways to get noticed amidst the competition? One powerful way to do this is through SMS marketing. Yes, it may seem old, but it can still work wonders.

In fact, SMS marketing is still trusted by a lot of people nowadays. Ask yourself this: Do I check my emails or SMS more? If you still check your SMS, you know how effective this marketing can be. 

SMS can be so personal it’s essential to get the message right. Your goal is to sound friendly and convincing but not pushy. 

Use this chance wisely and start creating marketing content that builds brand awareness and converts viewers to customers. 

What is SMS Marketing?

With a lot of ads popping up on our screens, as well as offers online, it’s quite hard to set our focus on them all.

SMS Marketing is a solution where your business can send special deals or notifications through text messages. It’s proven to be an effective way to reach your customers.

For instance, you send texts to update your customers on your upcoming products or services. Of course, you only send it to those who agree to get your updates. 

You might wonder if this marketing strategy is good. Yes, it is, and here’s why:

  • You don’t need Wi-Fi to promote. 
  • You can spread your message fast.
  • Almost 53% of consumers check their text messages a lot.
  • Texts get attention right away, unlike emails, which are sometimes ignored.
  • They’re suitable for short-term deals or important news.

What Makes an Effective SMS Content?

If you haven’t mastered getting your customer’s attention, know that SMS marketing can do something for you.

Although texts have limited characters for every message, you should know that every word counts. 

To create compelling SMS content that lets your customers take action, there are certain elements you need to know: 

1. Keep Your Messages Clear

“Simplicity is beauty,” as they say. If you’re sending content to your audience, do it straightforwardly. This is so they can understand you well.

If you haven’t made your points, it can confuse your reader. They’ll likely ignore it.

Instead of saying, “Avail a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”, go for “Get a 30% discount today!”

2. Only Mention Essential Information

Did you know that there are only 160 characters in every text? Making your message short is a need. Every word should have a purpose.

Yes, it may be tempting to add more details, but SMS is a platform for short-form content. Choose words that attract attention.

You can say, “Only for today! Buy 1 pair of shoes, get another pair 50% off!”

3. Include a Clear call-to-action (CTA)

How do you want your recipient to respond to your sent SMS? A solid CTA is so important.

After reading your text, you need to offer steps that your readers should take. This could include:

  • Visiting your website
  • Using a discount coupon
  • Attending an exclusive event

Some famous CTAs include “Shop Now!”, “Use code FMG20”, or “Reserve your seat!”. Make your CTAs direct and something they’d like to act on immediately. 

4. Personalization

There are a lot of generic advertisements, but being personal goes a long way.

Like your email marketing strategies, you can address your recipient by their first name. You can also refer to a recent purchase to make your message stand out.

Being personal with your content results in higher engagement rates. So you can say, “Hi Anna, thanks for subscribing! Use code WELCOME15 for 15% off on your first order.”

Five Ways to Create SMS Marketing Content

Now that we know how to create SMS content effectively, it’s time to convert! But how do you do it? A person may receive a lot of messages, so how do you stand out from it? Here are five ways: 

Step 1: Creating a Compelling Message

The very first line of your message should instantly grab your audience’s attention. Given its character limit, you need to create either of the two: a statement or a question.

You can start with “Guess what’s back in stock?” or “Your favorite cookies are back!”.

Then, you can present your deal, discount, or an exclusive preview by saying, “Hurry! Get less than $3 on your cookies.”

As you can see, you’re already asking them to take action ASAP. It’s effective marketing to offer time-limited or hard-to-say-no opportunities. You can also use phrases like:

  • Only Today!
  • Limited Stock!
  • Last Chance!

End with a concise and persuasive CTA and let their clicks turn into conversions for your business. 

Step 2: Using Emojis and Symbols Strategically

If you think emojis and symbols are inappropriate for your marketing strategies, let’s change that mindset!

Emojis and symbols have their own way of communicating and add depth, emotion, and context to our messages. Believe it or not, it can make your text stand out. Here’s how:

  • Emojis can set the tone of your message.

    All these emojis can make it more engaging and relatable, whether it’s a thumbs-up, smiley face, or a star.

  • Emojis can help you highlight important words.

    Maybe you aim to highlight “Halloween”; you can do that with a pumpkin, spider, or even a skull. This is so your readers can understand the important info. You can also use bullet forms too.

  • Emojis can stop your letters from being overwhelming.

    Overusing text is unprofessional, but overwhelming the message with emojis is childish. So, the right amount is to be determined.

    Know what your audience has in mind and what emojis best suit your message. 

Step 3: Grouping and Making It Personal

You should group your customers to have great SMS marketing messages that convert. This is based on their similarities, so you can create content precisely for them.

The results? You’ll have loyal customers who get the right message at the right time. Some ways to group them are:

  • Their past purchases
  • Where they live
  • Their age or other common info
  • How often do they interact with you
  • Choices made when they subscribed to your SMS list

By grouping and making messages personal, you can make your text marketing much better. These particular messages catch the eye and can lead to more sales or other good results.

Step 4: Timing is Crucial

Messages are instantly delivered in just minutes with SMS marketing. Your timing is so important. It can decide whether you have attracted a customer or annoyed one. So, how do you know if your timing’s right?

  • Consider Consumer Behavior

    We usually check phones right after we wake up and before sleep. Identify the ideal time. Maybe between 10am to 5pm?

  • Weekdays vs. Weekends

    Weekends can be the best time to convert. People have more time on their hands during these days.  But if you’re marketing a business solution or a service, stick to the weekday schedule.

  • Special Occasions and Holidays

    Customize your campaigns to special events, holidays, or specific days of the week. If it’s promotional, it’s clicking.

  • Geographical Considerations

    If you have customers around the globe, segment your audience. Invest in SMS marketing tools that allow you to send messages based on their local time.

  • Always Provide an Opt-Out

    Some customers may find SMS messages inconvenient even if you’ve discovered your timing. When that happens, provide them a way to avoid receiving future messages.

Step 5: Integrating with Other Marketing Channels

Today, customers don’t just connect with brands in one way. They hop between places like social media, email, and texting. 

So, when using SMS for marketing, you should connect it with your other marketing methods. Here’s a simple guide:

  • Use SMS to Boost Other Marketing Methods

    Especially on your social media platforms, talk the same way and share the same message everywhere. It helps people remember you.

    Some people like email, others like social media. By using both, you reach everyone.

  • Use SMS as a Friendly Reminder

    If you have a sale on your website, send a text to remind people it’s ending soon. Or, if you’re hosting an online event, text them to remind them to join.

    Make sure your texts are helpful. If you send too many, people might ignore them.

Start Your SMS Marketing Efforts With Freedom Media Group

In today’s tech-filled world, there are many ways to market, but SMS (or text message) marketing stands out. 

Working with Freedom Media Group can help make these marketing efforts even better. The main idea? Compelling SMS marketing creates real connections with people and turns into conversions.