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Stand out in a saturated space with a rapid experimentation approach that educates your customers and builds trust in your brand.


Lead with Trust and Authority

Overcome the biggest hurdle of the Fintech industry
Trust in your brand is the key gateway to building strong relationships with customers, business partners, and investors. Our team of experts will position your brand atop a crowded landscape with strategies that inspire confidence and foster trust amongst highly qualified leads.

Drive Loyalty for Long-Term Growth

Rapid growth is nothing without sustained confidence
As a leading fintech marketing agency, we drive long-term sustainable growth for your brand by turning initial customer trust into continuing loyalty. With a future-thinking focus on a retention, we continue to nurture the relationships formed during acquisition phases, increasing your LTV while keeping CAC low.
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Finding That Channel-Message-Creative Fit

We make sure your message is heard
Break through the clutter and find your unique voice in the fintech industry by understanding your channel-message-creative fit. Our team of creative strategists and growth experts refine and deliver your brand story through the right channel, at the right time, to the right customers.

Fintech Marketing Tactics We Deploy:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fintech marketing is similar to other industry-specific marketing practices. It involves deploying marketing strategies, channels, and platforms for fintech services, products, and organizations to build trust, loyalty, and value to potential customers.
The financial services technology sector has grown exponentially over the last decade and has become increasingly competitive. Creating successful fintech marketing strategies focused on reliability, trust, and credibility can often help fintech brands differentiate themselves.

Freedom Media has worked with some of the biggest fintech companies globally, including American Express. Since we advertise a service and product focused around capital, our fintech marketing approach starts with complete transparency. Through this, we drive tremendous business growth for fintech brands.

Compliance and regulatory policies already make it complicated to market in the financial space. However, an even more significant challenge is the lack of consumer trust. To overcome these challenges, you need a fintech marketing agency like Freedom Media that understands how to use marketing channels to build customer relationships and transparent communication.