Grow Your Business With An eCommerce Marketing Agency

We combine product- and community-led growth for fast-growing consumer brands and drive high purchase volumes and long-term profitability.


Build Community Loyalty

Leverage your brand community for sustained growth and longer LTV
From TikTok to Instagram, short-form video to user generated content creation, we leverage a variety of message formats and channels to build a brand-driven community base for your product offering. Our team of in-house creators and content strategists will identify opportunities and create custom strategies that capture consumer engagement at every stage of the marketing funnel, and infuse virality into product-led initiatives to increase revenue potential, ROAS, and LTV.

Build Measurable Brand Equity

Leverage the strengths of both performance and creativity
Creativity and performance aren’t mutually exclusive. Our unique performance branding approach integrates the value-driven elements of creative ideation with the effectiveness of data-driven marketing, so that you see measurable impact as a result of your brand equity.
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Capture Customers at Every Step of their Journey

It’s never a one-time thing
Retain your customers and foster brand loyalty by creating targeted messaging at different points of your customers’ journey. Whether it be from the first ad or the final purchase, our marketing attribution models visualize every step of your marketing funnel to identify where you lose your shoppers. We run data-driven conversion experiments to increase your average order value and conversion rate while lowering the cart abandonment rate and cost per conversion, turning one-time shoppers into loyal customers that will come back to your brand time and time again.

Our eCommerce Marketing Tactics:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

eCommerce marketing is the process of building and selling a product or service through an online store. eCommerce marketing aims to guide potential customers through a memorable online shopping experience through digital marketing campaigns and channels.

Today it’s not enough to just have an online store or website for potential customers to purchase. High levels of competition pretty much render your online store a ghost town unless eCommerce marketing is applied. Finding, driving, and ultimately converting customers through eCommerce marketing tactics will give your online store an advantage.

As a top eCommerce marketing agency, Freedom Media has worked with some of the biggest eCommerce businesses in the world. Our rapid experimentation and testing frameworks have proven to give brands an edge to reach large audiences and achieve high growth.

Increased competition, customer expectations, and customer behavior are just a few of the many challenges your business will face when doing eCommerce marketing. There are approximately 24 million eCommerce websites online today. Without a great product, audience targeting, and retention strategy, your business is in jeopardy of getting lost in the noise. It would help if you had eCommerce digital marketing agency that moves fast, experiments, and allows your business to create a marketing machine.