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Working with the NoGood squad has been a game changer for our marketing efforts.

Their data-driven approach and focus on rapid experimentation has helped us make informed decisions that have significantly increased our ROI. Their strategies and tactics have helped us elevate our marketing efforts across all of our franchises, resulting in a significant increase in measurable impact for our advertising dollars. The team is a pleasure to work with, and we highly recommend them to any organization looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Director of Marketing, EXPAREL

Who is

EXPAREL, a subsidiary of Pacira Biosciences, is a cutting-edge, long-acting non-opioid anesthetic that effectively manages postsurgical pain.

Since its introduction in 2012, over 9 million patients have received EXPAREL as a safe and effective alternative to opioids. The product is administered by local injection directly at the surgical site, where it gradually releases bupivacaine over time, providing sustained pain relief without the risks associated with opioids and other narcotics.

The Challenge

Key Results

Since we began our partnership with EXPAREL, we have seen remarkable growth in both healthcare providers and patients. We have seen a 120% increase in sessions, driven by a 20% decrease in bounce rate, a 28% increase in time spent on the EXPAREL website, and an increase in the number of pages viewed per session.


Our team at NoGood achieved record-breaking results by using a variety of tactics including audience refinement, rapid experimentation, conversion rate optimization, user behavior analysis, and consistent coordination with the EXPAREL team. As a result, the number of sessions at HCP increased by 57%, while the number of patients increased by 48% year-over-year. By creating and delivering content based on deal flow and franchise type, we were able to refine our audience, resulting in a 307% increase in key HCP conversion scores and a 340% increase in key patient conversion scores. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach and the value of our partnership with EXPAREL.


Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in Organic Sessions


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Services Provided


Queenie Leung

Sr. Growth Strategist

Sarah Murphy

Growth Marketing Manager

Theano Dimitrakis

Growth Marketing Manager

Ben Kuriakose

Growth Marketing Manager

Helena Yang

Creative Strategist

Ryan Sylvestre

Growth Marketing Manager, SEO

Creative Samples

In our efforts to promote the EXPAREL brand through display advertising, we found that certain ad creatives performed particularly well. These creatives were designed to effectively communicate the benefits of EXPAREL as a non-opioid pain management solution and resonated with our target audience of healthcare providers and patients.

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