Proven B2B Marketing Expertise to Hyper Scale Your Pipeline

Drive and nurture leads at every stage of the funnel and improve your CAC-to-LTV ratio with data-driven growth and performance marketing strategies.

Build a Scalable Lead Generation Framework

Secure the building blocks for sustainable and measurable growth
Leverage the power of combining organic growth and paid media to build a lead generation machine for your brand’s long term growth. Our experts in SEM, PPC and content marketing create data-driven paid strategies to test, identify and commit to the campaigns that drive high-value accounts to your sales funnel.

From High-Intent Leads to Qualified Conversions

Don’t let your customers slip away.
We educate your buyers at every step of your sales funnel to remove bottlenecks and frictionlessly get them from awareness, to consideration, to conversion. With a deep understanding of your target customer, we use hyper-segmentation to drive qualified traffic from high-intent buyers.
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Achieve Your Optimal CAC-to-LTV Ratio

Optimizing for high LTV and low CAC
From the first impression to the final conversion, our data-driven experiments will help you attract high-LTV accounts while keeping the CAC low. Our expertise in customized business to business (B2B) marketing strategies and demand generation will increase your inbound sales and drive rapid growth, while also staying flexible to adjust to your customer’s unique needs across a wide range of sectors.

B2B Marketing Tactics We Deploy:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

B2B marketing is the process of advertising products or services to other businesses. Marketing tactics such as SEO, paid social media, PPC, email are all used in B2B marketing, but the strategic approach to implement these channels is unique for B2B businesses because of the long customer journey.

Sales teams and relationship building drove B2B growth in the past often making marketing an afterthought. Sales teams and relationship building still matters, but executing marketing tactics such as content creation, lead generation, and data management is now key. Though marketing still may follow sales in importance in a B2B business, brands are starting to understand the importance of investing in a strong marketing plan.

Freedom Media experience in B2B marketing is unmatched. As a top B2B marketing agency, we have experts that understand the ins and outs of the sector. We know when, where, and how to reach customers in the B2B sales cycle and execute the proper marketing channels to achieve rapid growth.

Businesses that sell to other companies often have a specific niche of potential customers, limiting audience reach and increasing competition. Also, B2B decision-makers often have multiple interactions with a brand before deciding to purchase, making the sales cycle much longer and requiring more marketing resources.